San Francisco, CA - December 8, 2008 - The MCLA (Men's Collegiate Lacrosse Association) and MCLA The Lax Mag, LLC today announce details regarding Phase 2 of Project Fief, a joint effort to increase awareness and branding of the MCLA.

Phase 2 addresses plans for upgrading the web presence of the MCLA for the 2009 Season. The existing web site of the MCLA (http://mcla.us) will be redeveloped with new features to better represent the league and all 213 participating teams. The public will have simplified access to individual game scores, team schedules, and player statistics. The revamped web site will also be utilized as a means for direct communication by issuing press releases to members of the league and media outlets and act as an authoritative source of information on the MCLA. Additional, the relaunched site will support a new graphical user interface to continue building the online brand of the MCLA.

"We will bring a new look and much more robust experience for coaches, players and of course fans. We wanted to make it a destination site, where fans come to read and look up players or coaches and find out about them, rather than check a score and leave. Every player has a history and just because he has graduated doesn't mean they should disappear. So we are making those histories available." says Agent Ogden, MCLA The Lax Mag King of Design and MCLA.us project manager.

MCLA The Lax Mag, LLC will assume responsibility for the creation and maintenance of the new mcla.us website. Relying on the internet marketing and development experience of the Lax Mag's King of Design and Duke of Data, the new mcla.us site will incorporate the latest technology to disseminate information to the entire league.

For partners that rely on the MCLA.us for information to populate their sites, a multilevel API is being built to allow access to core MCLA statistics and information. Will Duderstadt, MCLA The Lax Mag Duke of Data and MCLA.us lead developer remarks, "News outlets, fan sites, or individual teams can utilize the new API to pull specific statistics on demand, and display that information in any manner they like. This API ensures all partner sites have consistent and up-to-date information directly from the MCLA.

Vice President of the MCLA, Tony Scazzero, said of Project Fief, "As the MCLA matures, our web site needs to become recognizable, informative, and timely on all aspects of our game. We want our web site to be more representative of our constituency, going beyond game scores and stats to provide a window into what the MCLA now is. Fief will create that desired effect."

The new site is scheduled to launch on January 19, 2009, to coincide with the start of the 2009 MCLA season.

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The Men's Collegiate Lacrosse Association (MCLA) is a national organization of non-varsity, college lacrosse programs. The MCLA currently operates with 200+ teams in two divisions, across ten conferences. http://mcla.us

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