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Even with the biggest of Universities competing in the MCLA, its existence is virtually unknown. With a monthly publication (7 issues) we hope to give the MCLA some respect and notoriety with stories and photos from around the league, leading up to the season ending National championship tournament in May. Along the way we want to highlight the MCLA student athlete, change attitudes toward the MCLA and make it all a memorable journey.

In addition, we hope to help high school players make quality decisions about college and lacrosse by informing them about programs from Florida to Washington that they might not know exist.

  • State of the MCLA Each month, MCLA President and head coach of Texas A&M University, Tony Scazzero writes about the current issues involving the MCLA.

  • Player Profile There are approximately 7000 athletes in the MCLA and they need a place to shine. The Player Profile department is that place. Ten tailored questions are presented to a player each month and the answers are published along with a pictorial layout.

  • Team Spotlight With 213 teams it's not that hard to pick one out and tell its story. We have found some interesting one's with KSU fighting a tornado, Tulane fighting Katrina and Savannah College of Art and Design giving kids a place to chase their artistic dreams while playing in the MCLA.

  • Bobby B Bobby Blevins is the lacrosse legend you have never heard of. Bobby retells his lacrosse tales in the form of a cartoon and pokes fun at some people around the league in the process. Who can get mad at a cartoon?

  • Mailbag Reader submitted questions, suggestions and comments are submitted through our website. We make our best attempt to comment on those submitted.

  • Bring it On any given saturday during the season there could be 60-70 games and the cameras are clicking. We like to showcase not only the game action with full page shots but the photographer's ability to capture the core of our league.

  • Commentary A controversial subject is chosen and an opinion taken. MCLA The Lax Mag's King of Content, Karl F. Lynch takes a side and gives his perspective on the chosen topic. It can be anything from the necessity of a pre-season pole to the hard to resist foot-in-mouth posts in forums.

  • High School Each month feature a high school team that demonstrates quality lacrosse at that level. With the MCLA sometimes being the best choice for many graduating high school players, it is a important to show those players the opportunities that exist in the MCLA.

  • Coach's Corner Coaches from around the MCLA share their drills, coaching techniques or their way of recruiting and evaluating players. This department is a good place to meet the coaches in the MCLA and learn about their passion for the game.

  • Vamanos Vamanos In 2008, the one page dedicated to what teams in the MCLA are listening to and watching became a popular stop in the magazine. In 2009, we expanded this department to include interviews with bands and film makers from around the country.

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    In 2 years, MCLA The Lax Mag has managed to get subscriptions in 49 states and Washington, DC. What's wrong Alaska?


This Is College Lacrosse and This Is Pure Lacrosse Royalty.

For more information about the MCLA and MCLA The Lax Mag, please visit the FAQ.

SMU Lacrosse 2012
I know what that looks like.
Fall Ball assisted by General Tso

North Texas Lacrosse
Senior Night
SMU v. UNT April 9, 2011

St. Mary's Lacrosse
Team Spotlight Photo Shoot
Photography by: Zack Heffner

adidas Top23
Final Poll: May 23, 2011

Making the February 2010 Bobby B
Watch as Bobby B gets sketched out on paper. Assisted by Never Got Caught.

Making the January 2010 Cover
Watch the creation of the January 2010 cover. Assisted by Lionize.

Bobby B. on Facebook
Follow Bobby B on Facebook and learn about his stories past and present.

If I Were President...
Jac Coyne's Fall 2009 MCLA The Lax Mag column at USLacrosse

Player/Coach of the Year Winners
Player/Coach of the Year winners for the 2009 season.


The Men's Collegiate Lacrosse Association (MCLA) is a National organization of non-varsity, college lacrosse programs. The MCLA provides a governing structure much like the NCAA, with eligibility rules, National polls, All-America selections and a National tournament to decide National champions in both Divisions I and II. Its ten conferences are spread across the country, from coast to coast and include teams such as UCLA, Boston College, University of Miami, Georgia, University of Michigan, Colorado State and Texas A&M. With over to 200 teams, the MCLA represents the fastest growing segment of college men's lacrosse.